Behind the Rabbit Productions To Launch “Watch This Film” #webseries #SupportIndieFilm @BTRProductions @MollyGraceB

Molly Grace Byrnes, host of "Watch This Film" by Behind the Rabbit Productions

Molly Grace Byrnes, host of “Watch This Film” — image source: BTR website

Behind the Rabbit Productions ups the social media game …

… by creating a web series especially for their followers. Behind The Rabbit Productions’ newest web series, “Watch This Film,” was created for and is dedicated to its Twitter fan base. Episode one debuts via Twitter on Monday October 6, 2014.

“Watch This…

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A perversely abused girl, Niamh, is repeatedly beaten and molested by her parents. She gets her revenge on them, then rescues and avenges other victims of abuse. Dark, destructive, paranormal powers are her weapon of choice. Her story plays out in a richly cinematic Irish countryside setting that provides a foreboding context for the horrific events that occur inside her home. How could a film that tells this story ever fail to be a winner?

To find out, watch “Dark Touch” (2013), a joint Irish-French-Swedish production that takes this promising premise and runs it straight into the peat bogs. Starting out strong, it loses altitude as its pace slows down. The story loses its horror edge as the film over-focuses on the adults around Niamh, who eat up run-time as they indulge in pious psychobabble about child abuse and generally flounder about trying to understand and control her. Meanwhile, Niamh becomes progressively less sympathetic as a character as she begins to control and use her paranormal abilities with increasingly reckless abandon. Finally, it all ends in a contrived way, in a final scene that seems to have been written for its utility as a horrific visual finale rather than as a logical and inevitable climax to Niamh’s story.

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The Bottom Line on DEADLY CODE

Available on several major VOD platforms, this Italian-made movie (with English dialogue) is a good adaptation of a crime thriller novel set in a unique historical and geographical locale. Both John Malkovich and his younger fellow actors bring to life this character-driven tale of friendship and righteous vengeance in the unique world of exiled criminal families from around the former Soviet Union. Add it to your queue today.

Frisco Kid’s Rating of DEADLY CODE

Rated as 8 out of 10 stars on IMDb.

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