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  2. 'CRAWL OR DIE' by Oklahoma Ward To Be Released Soon in US/Canada

    'CRAWL OR DIE' by @OklahomaWard US/Canada Release Imminent #horror #SciFi #movies #SupportIndieFilm @nicolemalonso

    On August 12, 2014, Uncork’d Entertainment and Vertical Entertainment are releasing Oklahoma Ward’s latest film, the horror/sci-fi thriller CRAWL OR DIE, in the USA and Canada. This distribution follows a release in Japan, where the film was titled ALIEN CRAWL. Japanese critics called it “the most CLAUSTROPHOBIC movie ever made!”

    Official USA/CANADA DVD art for CRAWL OR DIE (2014)

    Official USA/CANADA DVD art for CRAWL OR DIE (2014) — image source:…

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  3. Jodorowsky Now: ‘La Danza de la Realidad’ (2013)

    Jodorowsky Now: ‘La Danza de la Realidad’ (2013) #movies #film #reviews

    U.S. poster for DANCE OF REALITY (2013)

    U.S. poster for DANCE OF REALITY (2013) — image source: Facebook

    La Danza de la Realidad (English title: The Dance of Reality) marks Alejandro Jodorowsky’s return to feature-film directing after a long hiatus. It has been twenty-three years since the release of his last cinematic effort, The Rainbow Thief, in 1990. Dance of Reality premiered at Cannes in 2013 and will soon be released in the…

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  4. Frisco Kid returns to the blogosphere (such as it is) …

    Frisco Kid returns to the blogosphere (such as it is) … #movies #film @theCinematheque

    … after more than a week off — spent in beautiful and vibrant Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Contrary to my hopes (but not to my expectations), I was not able to post while away. It was not because of a tech fail. Even though I had planned on using only my iPhone, there was also an iMac at my disposal in the place where I stayed in Yaletown (found through airbnb — highly recommended, by…

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  5. Saw this film tonight - Jodorowsky’s “Dance of Reality” (2013). Poster was in the theater lobby. Sorry for the glare - poster is framed. (at The Cinematheque)

  6. Chinatown gate in Vancouver

  7. #claimingspace “Experiential Learning” (2013) by Cody Lecoy (at Museum of Anthropology)

  8. Detail from “Reflections of the Indigenous Sprawl” (2014) #ClaimingSpace

  9. Panoramic night-time view of Vancouver, looking east from Yaletown


  10. Frisco Kid Hits the Road

    Frisco Kid Hits the Road

    I am writing this post while on an airplane, flying from DFW to Vancouver, otherwise known as North Hollywood. I decided to bring only an iPhone as my “Internet device” because I want to see what I can do in terms of text, images, audio, and video with just this piece of gear.

    This post is a test of this choice, as well as a trial of posting via email. If the formatting is a little wonky, those…

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